Brunswick Primary School, Somerhill Road, BN3 1RP

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Brunswick Primary School

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We would like to introduce you to the Brunswick chickens:


The children are in charge of feeding them them, collecting and selling eggs, and making sure the hen house is clean and cosy. They take this responsibility very seriously and always do a great job.


We need your help. Use this link to:

  • Join the Chicken Team as a volunteer to feed the hens and give them a run around during weekends and holidays.
  • Let us know which days you're free using the chicken diary.

You only need to visit once a day and they will reward your efforts with fabulous fresh eggs.


ECO SCHOOLS - THE GREEN TEAM                    

At Brunswick the Green Team, energy and recycling monitors, chicken team, tuck shop team, gardeners, cyclists, walkers and every individual in the school community contributes to our on-going success in following the Eco-School Programme.