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Pupil Premium

Each school is given an amount of money to spend above their allocated budget, called pupil premium.

The Pupil Premium is extra money that schools receive to meet the needs of pupils who are socially disadvantaged and at risk of underachievement.  It is provided to support these pupils in reaching their potential.

How is the pupil premium allocated to schools?

The amount schools receive is determined by the number of pupils who have been known to be eligible or are currently known to be eligible for free schools meals (FSM).  In addition an allocation is made for pupils for are Looked after Children (LAC) and Service Children.

Who decides how the funding is used?

Schools decide how the funding should be used and are trusted to ensure that it is used for the purposes intended.  Schools are held accountable for how they use the funding, and the performance tables capture the achievement of those pupils covered by the Pupil Premium.

What are our aims and objectives on spending the pupil premium?

Our inclusive school ethos underpins everything that we do.  Pupil Premium Brunswick is spent to support the progress and learning of identified children.  The aim is to reduce the gap in achievement between disadvantaged children and others at the school to close the gap.  This is done by using nationally recognised interventions and forming clear evidence of our own “home-grown” interventions.  We recognise that pupils may be subject to multiple disadvantages and that reasons for lack of progress or attainment, involve a range of factors.  Part of closing the gap may include children and families being supported to attend school trips and events as well as supporting enrichment activities such as after school clubs.   Pupil premium money will also be spent on actions to impact on pupil’s social, emotional and well-being so children are ready to learn.  This may take the form of nurture groups, sunshine circles, Thera play or other interventions led by learning mentors in school.

How do we identify pupils at our school?

We are committed to ensuring that the provision we make secures teaching and learning opportunities to meet the needs of all pupils and that the needs of pupils who are considered to be vulnerable or socially disadvantage are registered or qualify for FSM. 

How do we know we are using Pupil Premium effectively?

The progress and attainment of all pupils and groups of pupils is monitored closely through pupil tracking systems and assessments.  Interventions and support are adjusted annually to meet the needs of pupils across the school.  The school leadership has an identified person, Michelle Graham, as the lead on pupil premium.  The school leadership also regularly reviews the data and individual performance to ensure the money is being spent effectively.