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Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

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Our Parent, Teacher and Friends Association: 

Hello and a big warm welcome to all pupils, parents and friends of Brunswick Primary School.


These pages have been written especially for you, to provide you with some useful information about our Parent, Teacher and Friends Association or PTFA, which we hope will become a big part of your school community.


What is the PTFA?

We are fortunate at our school to have a PTFA that has become an integral part of the school community. Over the past year and before that as the ‘Friends Of Brunswick’ we have raised thousands of pounds which has been spent on equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education experience and the school’s facilities. Most recently we were able to purchase a new 17-seater school minibus.


Our PTFA is about much more than simply fundraising.  The PTFA exists to provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal.


The PTA is extremely conscious of the ethos and diversity of our school, and we try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this.  Not all of our events are run as fundraisers.  For example our children’s discos and egg hunt are run with the aim of giving the children a good time.


Who can belong to the PTFA?

Every parent or carer at Brunswick is automatically a member of the PTFA when they join our school. We want to encourage all parents to get involved however much time you have to give and we will always welcome new ideas. Please email us any ideas you have for fundraisers or other activities that you think would benefit our children and the school.


PTFA Class Representative

What is a PTFA Class Representative? 

Becoming a class rep gives you an active role in making our PTFA successful, it can help you get to know parents in your class and across the whole school, it can be fun and is not too time consuming.


What does a PTFA Class Representative do? 

Each class has a rep, who acts as a contact point for the PTFA. Our class representatives put together invaluable class contact lists of parents in their class and can arrange class social events. On top of that, they are our coordinators for many events where parental help is needed, be it running stalls at the Christmas and Summer Fairs, promoting our Comedy Nights and helping at the discos. 


We can communicate with you by email, so you don’t need to come to our meetings, although you are very welcome.


How do I sign up? 

We can have as many PTFA class representatives in each class as possible, there is no limit! There will be no elections – if you are interested, please drop Gillian Ramm - Chair - an email at  


How can we find out more and get involved?

Whether you are interested in being part of the committee, fancy being your class representative of would just like to help out at certain events, we would really like to hear from you. We appreciate that everyone is leading busy lives but any help and support that you can give will be very much welcome.


To keep our PTFA running and to build on the success of last year, we really do need the support of as many parents and carers as possible. Please do help where you can.


Here are a few examples of how you can help out throughout the year:


Comedy Nights: selling tickets, helping behind the bar on the night…

Winter Fair: building a grotto, making props for the sideshows, painting signs, dressing up as Santa, building hampers, filling jolly jars, manning a stall on the day…

Egg hunt: compiling questions for the hunt, selling answer sheets, distributing chocolate

Discos: selling tickets, helping on the day…

Summer Fair: labelling tombola items, making cakes, selling ice creams, manning the bouncy castles…


Charitable status

Charity law requires voluntary organisations such as ours with an annual income over £5,000 to register with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. As a charity we must abide by Charity Commission rules and regulations and we are bound by a governing document referred to as our constitution.  Our constitution sets out the rules about how we operate as a PTFA and how we conduct ourselves (a copy of the constitution is attached to this page). 


Being a registered charity enables the PTFA to:


  • receive charitable donations from local and national companies
  • apply to grant-making charitable trusts; most charitable trusts will give grants only to groups formally recognised as charities
  • receive donations made through payroll giving and company matched giving schemes
  • apply for Gift Aid


The registered charity number for Brunswick Primary PTFA is 1174170.


Match Funding

Another way in which you can help our PTFA is through your employer. Match Fundraising is where companies offer to ‘match’ funds raised by charitable organisations like our PTFA. Companies can offer to help in a variety of ways; some organisations will match fund on a £ for £ basis, others will stipulate what they are prepared to give.

Do you work for a large corporation? If so, do they offer match fundraising to their staff? Please check with your Human Resources department. If you think you can help or would like some more information then please contact us.



Our AGM will be on Friday 6 October at 9am in school.


We are looking for active members who would be willing to attend and contribute in our meetings, share their thoughts and experience and work together to plan and participate in fundraising events.


We will be recruiting for key roles and looking for volunteers to help with specific tasks such as running our bi-annual raffle and helping to build a new PTFA website. Please come along to find out how to get involved.


How to contact your PTFA
Please leave a message with the school office, speak to us in the playground or email one of us. Details below:


Gillian Ramm - Chair - 



Future Events

Winter Fair. Saturday 3rd December 11 am - 3 pm