Brunswick Primary School, Somerhill Road, BN3 1RP

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Brunswick Primary School

Achieving success with determination and joy

 Brunswick Primary School Mission


-Brunswick Primary School empowers our children to be confident, motivated,



thoughtful and creative builders of their future. 
-Our pupils collaborate to embrace challenges through an inquiry focused
curriculum with openness, enthusiasm and resilience. 
-Our community promotes a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where
everyone’s self-esteem and well-being is nurtured. 
 Compassion - Showing kindness; care for ourselves, other people and the environment.  
 Curious - Being adaptable, creative and open to discovery and asking thoughtful questions.
 Community - Achieving together through teamwork and honest communication to create a safe,   nurturing environment.
 Courage – Growing self-belief and confidence to be independent, reflective and mindful. 
 Inclusive - An openness to diversity, embracing differences, giving everyone the tools they need   to succeed. 
 Inspired – Being determined and ambitious to try new things.