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Brunswick Primary School

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Phonics teaching at Brunswick is based around Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised which is a Government validated SSP (Systematic Synthetic Phonics).

 The Little Wandle programme involves

  • recognising letters (graphemes) and their associated sounds (phonemes).
  • direct teaching in frequent, short bursts
  • consistency across the classes
  • secure, systematic progression in phonics learning
  • maintaining pace of learning
  • providing repeated practice
  • application of phonics using matched decodable books
  • early identification of children at risk of falling behind, linked to the provision of effective keep-up support.

Phonics is taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and follows the Review, Teach, Practice, Apply format. Children further up the school who still need supporting with phonics are supported where appropriate with Little Wandle planning and resources.

At Brunswick Primary School we also model the application of the alphabetic code through phonics in shared reading and writing, both inside and outside of the phonics lesson and across the curriculum. We have a strong focus on language development for our children because we know that speaking and listening are crucial skills for reading and writing in all subjects.