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Achieving success with determination and joy


Physical Education (PE)

Subject Intent 

Developing thoughtful, holistic, curious, children through an enquiry based, child-centred PE curriculum who have a deep sense of worth and belonging. Flexible thinkers who are equipped to embrace change and shape their future.  Using the key skills of PE to make excellent progress.  

Key Drivers  

Purposeful ​ 

Our children will have the vocabulary, knowledge and skills necessary to explore, develop and achieve in PE  

Aspirational ​ 

Our children will explore PE through varied authentic stimuli and respond in a range of creative ways, making purposeful links to other areas of learning. ​ 

Personal ​ 

Our children will question and reflect on PE and its impact on their real-life experience. ​ 

Universal ​ 

Our children will learn how PE impacts locally, nationally, and globally and makes a difference to modern life. ​ 

The PE Curriculum 

PE at Brunswick is a weekly highlight and we collectively encourage all children to become ‘Fit for Life!’. A variety of skills and sports are taught across the school. We use  a published scheme which promotes progression and development in sport and fitness from Reception to Year 6. 

Each week, all children have the recommended 2 hours of physical education. This is achieved through a combination of dance, gym, fitness and outdoor sports. Children in year 3 have swimming lessons across the year, delivered by trained swimming instructors at a local leisure centre. All children understand the need for water safety. 

Click here for the PE Curriculum Map

With extensive grounds, we are able to offer a variety of opportunities for all children. We have a fun fort, trim trail, a hard-court area (known as the stadium) and a large field. Teachers, and our sports coach, are enthusiastic and take part in every lesson to inspire the children. Lessons are accessible and adapted for all.   

All children are encouraged to achieve success with determination and joy.  Within each lesson, the children are praised for their sporting achievements measured against our school values. The values are also recognised in our extra-curricular clubs.  

We provide regular opportunities for all children to take part in inter-school and intra-school competitions at different levels and have retained our recognised Gold Active Schools Games Mark. 


At Brunswick our aim is to provide a  high-quality P.E. curriculum which inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport; become physically confident; support their physical and mental well-being and provide opportunities for children to compete in sporting activities.
P.E. also enables children to build character and help to embed core values such as fairness and respect.
Pupils are taught a range of PE skills in half termly blocks based on various types of sport. They are taught how to warm up (especially how to stretch safely); how to develop core skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, awareness and communication and the importance of safe practice with the need to work as a team working together.
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