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Sept 2020 Return

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Preparing your child for the first day back

Deb Austin Letter to Parents and Carers

September Return

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to be welcoming back all of our children on Monday September 7th as Brunswick re-opens to all classes. Staff have been adapting and preparing their classrooms to ensure that our school setting is as safe as possible for the return of the children. The whole school has been adapted to minimise risk and reduce congestion. We continue to follow official DfE guidance as we seek to minimise the risk for children, parents and staff. We are aware that many children and adults will be feeling anxious about returning in September and we will do everything in our control to ensure a smooth return.

The aim of this letter is to answer some key questions you may have about our September return: its success will be reliant on every one of us playing our part to facilitate a safe and successful return. Thank you in advance for talking through the italicised points with your child prior to September.


Year Group ‘Bubbles’

From September, the school will be organised into year group ‘bubbles’. The concept of the ‘bubble’ is that they are kept apart in order to minimise the chance of cross contamination between them. Even within the year group ‘bubbles’, we will endeavour to keep the children apart as much as is possible.

Please explain to your child that they are not allowed to ‘cross’ bubbles. This may be tricky as some of their friends may be in a different year group bubble but it is important to always stay in your bubble.


Physical Distancing (PD)

Children will be encouraged to maintain distance from their peers: holding hands and hugging will not be permitted. Two metre PD remains in place for all adults working in the school: adult to adult and between adult and child where possible. Our teaching will need to be adapted; for example, when an adult is listening to a child read, they will be side on, maintaining a distance.

Please talk through the physical distancing concept with your child. If you have not already you could point out all of the two metre signage around our locality.


Hygiene/Hand Sanitiser ‘Stations’

Our priority in the re-opening of the school is to ensure that our whole school community stays well, including our most vulnerable members outside the school gates. We will be stringent with our expectations for every child to wash/sanitise their hands at key points in the day

 Upon arrival at school
 After any physical activity eg. break/lunchtimes
 Before and after eating
 After visiting the toilet
 Before leaving school

Hand sanitiser ‘stations’ are located in key areas for our older children to use. Our teaching staff will be responsible for providing our younger children with ‘squirts’ of sanitiser at regular points during the day. 

Extra cleaning is being undertaken over the course of the school day with key touch points cleaned
by cleaning staff. Further to this, there will also be additional cleaning after the school day has

We cannot guarantee to eliminate risk but will do our very best to reduce it.

Please go through the importance of regular hand washing/sanitising with your child. You could
practise this at home.


Arrival/Departure at school

Children in Years 1 through to Year 6 will return to school on Monday September 7th (Our Reception
children will be starting in a staggered pattern from the 9th). See table below for staggered starts.
Please note that your start time from week 2, when children are with their new teacher, will be
different from your week 1 start time eg. Grasshopper will start at 9:00am on week 1 but when
they become Salamander in week 2, their start time will be 8:30am. The staggered start to each
day is to encourage physical distancing. The earlier start time of some ‘bubbles’ will be 8:30am
(finishing at 2:45pm) with the later ‘bubbles’ starting at 9:15am (finishing at 3:30pm). The overall
length of the school day remains the same as in previous years.

Families are very much encouraged to use ways of travelling to school that avoid the use of a car or
public transport. Walking, scooting and cycling are ideal.

We ask that physical distancing (PD) starts outside the school gates where PD intervals are marked
and continue down the pavement, playground and paths. May we politely ask that only one adult
does drop off and we ask that you drop off your child at the gate: please do not gather at the school
gates and we ask that you model physical distancing best practice when around other families. We
understand that this may be upsetting for you and your child but we really need your support to
ensure that we are able to uphold our very stringent risk assessment.

Upon arrival at school, your child will wash or santitise their hands after which they will make their
way to their classroom.

At the end of the day, one parent can come onto site to collect their child practising PD. Although
the end of the day is traditionally a time for conversations with other families, we ask that this key
part of school life happens away from the school for the time being. Parents and carers must leave
the school site as soon as they have collected their child. Thank you for your cooperation and
understanding. If we do need to remind you to move on we hope that you will understand that we
are not being rude, we are just doing our best to keep everyone safe.


Because of the new organisation of the school day, it is vital that your child arrives at school on time,
not early and not late. Our new system will not work and risk will be increased if punctuality is not

Prior to the day, please go through the importance of punctuality with your child. It may help to
have a couple of trial runs before school starts. Eg setting the alarm and getting ready to arrive on
time before the 7th September ( this can really ease every family members anxiety.)


One Way System
In order to encourage PD, a one-way system is in operation within the KS2 school building. This has
worked well over the last 6 weeks. This will continue as we seek to minimise risk wherever possible.
The layout of the infant side of the building does not allow for this though we will be encouraging PD
at all times.

If your child is in KS2, please explain how a one-way system works.


The Classroom
In the Covid-19 climate, our classrooms will look different from before with soft cushions removed
and front facing tables in KS2. In KS1, children will still sit in an allocated place on a group table.

All classrooms will have their windows and doors open to ensure good ventilation.

Reading Books
In order to minimise chances of infection, we ask that reading books do not go home where
possible. Please await further information about our exciting online reading programme which will
be launched in September.


Children will continue to follow a broad and balanced creative curriculum with the learning taken
outside into the fresh air wherever possible. We will be using elements of a ‘Recovery’ curriculum
and teachers will be identifying gaps in individual children’s learning that will be addressed over the
coming term. Our expectations will, of course, remain high. In the first week, all children will be
taught by their previous teacher with the emphasis on sharing experiences and nurture. During this
first week, the children will also enjoy one outside session with their new class teacher.

In the first two terms the children will be taught using key objectives from the year group that they
will have missed time in. Additionally, early on in term 1 teachers will be working with children to
form accurate assessments about their current attainment, these assessments will inform us of the
type of booster work or interventions that some children may need to support them to close any
gaps in learning that they may have since they have been away from school. We will share more
about these plans with you in September.


These will staggered so that ‘bubbles’ do not cross. Each class will have a space allocated for the
week outside and only be permitted to play games which allow for physical distancing: for the
moment, football in any form will not be allowed. As the guidance states, any kind of contact sport is
not permitted.

If your child is a football fanatic it might be an idea to trial some other games that they may enjoy

This is also staggered with children eating a packed lunch: either from home or freshly made by our
kitchen. Children will eat lunch in their classrooms. This will be served to the children by an adult in
order to reduce the shared touching of objects. For the time being, hot food will not be prepared on
the premises.


Pupil well-being
We recognise that many children’s mental health will have been affected over the six months away
from school and a major emphasis will be placed on this crucial aspect of learning. A variety of
opportunities for children will be offered for them to discuss their experiences and feelings. This will
include much PSHE work eg circle time and children will be offered the opportunity to speak
individually to adults within school.

Parents and carers, please do inform us of any particular concerns that you might have with regards
to any anxieties or losses that your child might be experiencing/have experienced.


Contingency Planning/Online learning
Whilst we dearly hope that we will be able to remain open for the whole of the year, should a return
of Covid-19 in our locality mean that we have to close the school we will have a remote learning plan
in order for teaching and learning to continue. We will provide an outline of what this will look like
upon our return in September.


School Uniform
Please send your child to school in appropriate school uniform. A further communication will be sent
detailing stockists for this. We encourage your child to wear black trainers to school so that they can
take part in the many opportunities for physical activity which our teachers have planned.


Preparing your child for their return
Please spend some time going through the italicised reminders above with your child.

Please also read through the attached ‘Trauma’ document which provides helpful tips to aid your
child’s return.


What your child needs to bring

 Named Water bottle– for hygiene reasons, our water fountains have been decommissioned
so it is vital that your child has a named water bottle. Your child will also need their water
bottle for school lunch as, for the time being, no drinks are provided.
 Named Lunchbox, if not having a school packed lunch
 Healthy snack

No bags, toys, balls, books or games to be brought in from home please.

School Office
This will continue to be closed except for emergencies eg. collecting a sick child. Please use email or
telephone in order to communicate with us: thank you for your understanding.


Coronavirus symptoms
Please check that your child is fit to come to school daily and check that they are not displaying any
coronavirus symptoms: a high temperature; a new continuous cough; a loss or change to their sense
of smell or taste – see link below.

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell.


NHS Test and Trace
We will of course be engaging with this process and ask that our whole school community does also.
Further information can be found at:


Possible ‘Bubble’ Closure
In the event of a child falling ill with coronavirus symptoms, we will seek immediate advice from
Public Health England (PHE) who will advise us upon next steps. In the instance of a positive test
result being returned, we will follow advice from PHE who might instruct us to close that bubble.


Further communication
You will be aware that official Covid-19 guidance changes on a regular basis so a further
communication will be sent to you towards the end of August. Our first newsletter of the academic
year will be “PING”ed to you on the 28th August ( please keep PING and Class Dojo apps live.)

Our school risk assessment for our September re-opening will also be available on our website.

We cannot express just how much we are looking forward to welcoming all of our children back to
Brunswick in September and thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Alison Colbran


Staggered Start Times

Class/ year group Start Time Entrance to site/entrance to
Rabbit/EYFS 8.30 Wooden gate/ classroom door 2.45
Hamster/EYFS 8.45 Wooden gate/ classroom door 3.00
Duck/EYFS 9.00 Wooden gate/ classroom door 3.15
Fish/EYFS 9.15 Wooden gate/ classroom door 3.30
Seahorse 8.30 Metal gate/ Yr 1 door 2.45
Lobster 8.30 Metal gate/ Yr 1 door 2.45
Starfish 8.45 Metal gate/ Yr 1 door 3.00
Octopus 8.45 Metal gate/ Yr 1 door 3.00
Grasshopper 9.00 Metal gate/ Yr 2 door 3.15
Dragonfly 9.00 Metal gate/ Yr 2 door 3.15
Ladybird 9.15 Metal gate/ Yr 2 door 3.30
Bumblebee 9.15 Metal gate/ Yr 2 door 3.30
Y3 8.30 Junior gate/ own doors 2.45
Y4 8.45 Junior gate/ Tiger: own door;
Puma, Jaguar & Lion: Y3 & 4
entrance from Jnr playground
Y5 9.00 Junior gate/ Dragon: hut,
Pegasus, Phoenix & Griffin
from Jnr playground
Y6 9.15 Junior gate/ Eagle: own door,
Kestrel: hut; Owl, Kite, Falcon,
Osprey: Y6 entrance (off side