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27 September 2018 (by Paul Cummins (paul.cummins))

Quotes from the trip

Sienna: "I'm loving Kingswood because I've conquered my fears by getting on high activities with my friends' support. I'm loving sharing a dorm with my friends too!"

Wilfie: 'I’m so glad I listened to my partner and went to the top of the 3G swing, the views were amazing and it was really fun!'

Kalani: 'I loved the zip wire. I was disappointed I  didn't do the 3g swing and the zip wire made me realise I had nothing to worry about.'

Kip: "My favourite thing was archery because it was something new that I have never done before."
Scarlet: 'I ignored the fact I felt scared and just went for it. I am so proud of myself. I want to challenge myself again because it's fun.'

Roel said: ”If it looks fun, I’m doing it!!”
Carter (to Theo): "You've inspired me to do the power fan!"

Mila: "My favourite activity was the 3G swing because I went on the highest level and I dropped down in shock!" 

Yasmin: "Archery is hard, but it’s good because you get to shoot things!"

Ella (about Jacobs Ladder):  "A great way to build up confidence and team work."

Winni: "[Jacob's ladder] is a challenge you need to get there! Once your fingers touch it you're determined to get on and climb up!"

Theo: "Mr Pannett, you'll never light the fluff we've tried so many times."Mr Pannett: *lit it first time*