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Looking after the chickens

Many thanks for volunteering to look after the Brunswick hens. We ask volunteers to help with the following tasks:

  1. Change water in the green container. Please use the black 4-way key to get water from the tap outside Iguana class.
  2. Top up the hanging feeder with layers mash. No need to empty out old mash unless badly soiled.
  3. Check that grit and shell are available in the purple grub feeder. (They need very little.)
  4. Remove and replace the top layer of soiled newspaper in the droppings trays at the back of the coop and put the soiled paper in the green bin by the shed.
  5. Collect eggs. These are for you to keep.
  6. Clear and replace any mucky straw in the nest box.
  7. Remove any poo and spilled food from the run.
  8. Before you leave make sure the hens are secure for the night. They will go into their roost by themselves at dusk.

It is not essential to visit twice a day. As long as the hens are fed, watered and secure you need only visit once a day.

Food and exercise

  • The chickens love scraps and leftovers and will eat anything you give them (cooked pasta, rice, veg peelings, fruit etc – NO onions, citrus, rhubarb, salt or meat). Put scraps in the spiral feeder.
  • Corn is a treat - please don’t put it in the feeders. Try scattering a handful on the ground inside the cage for them to find after you’ve gone. One small handful per hen is more than enough. They can have their treats at any time of the day.
  • The hens can be let out of the run for a scratch around within the fenced area at any time of the day. Please supervise this carefully as we have foxes on site. Allow time to get the hens back in when you leave – saving a tasty morsel to lure them back in is the easiest way and saves the inevitable chase under the bushes.

Thanks for looking after our hens!

Alexis Antoniads

The chickens enjoy lots of fuss and treats.

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