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Teaching Spelling at Brunswick.


Here at Somerhill we want our children to become fluent and effective writers; accurate spelling is a means to this end.

To enable children to become the competent spellers they need to be we teach spelling in a systematic and progressive way. To see our spelling curriculum, revised to meet requirements of the 2014 curriculum click here.

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The teaching of spelling takes place in all classes during literacy lessons and guided reading sessions. A weekly timetable for the teaching of spelling can look like this.

Weekly Timetable

We aim for all children to become competent spellers who spend less time thinking about spelling and therefore have more time and energy to compose and write varied sentences with precise word choice.

To support us on the road to competent spelling you could try these games, that work with any word, or follow the links to some useful websites and apps.

Woodlands Junior School

Coxhoe Primary School

BBC Skills Wise

Interactive literacy resources

ICT games for literacy and maths



What is the link between Phonics and Spelling?

In order to decode the English language children are required to understand 44 phonemes these are the smallest unit of sound in speech. In addition to this they also need to learn 140 graphemes that are the ways of writing these phonemes. Without these building blocks it may be difficult for children to learn spelling rules. Therefore your child may need to learn to blend and segment sounds before they can apply this knowledge to spelling. The following links may help.

KS2 Phonics

Phonics Play