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A massive thank you to the following children for living our legacy and being such great role models this week: Falcon: Jasmin Osprey: Ella JC Kestrel: Owl: Leon Eagle: Olivia Kite: 

Welcome to the Year 6 website! We have kicked off the year by discussing what an honour it is to be at the top of the school and having so many young people looking up to us. This led us on to brainstorming how to enhance our 'legacy' that we will leave behind, both as an individual and as a year group team. This is based on a book I recently read called 'Legacy' about the All Blacks rugby team in New Zealand.

We are having a big push to make sure that we represent ourselves the best we can by: living the values; taking pride in our uniform; grasping all opportunities that come our way; and being the best that we can be. We are even 'sweeping the sheds' just like the All Blacks do at the end of every game "because no one should clean up after an All Black". Do feel free to continue this at home!!

The video below will give you a little more insight into this Legacy that we are aiming to achieve.

Miss Wright

What keen spellers we have amongst us in Year 6... Completely non-biased congratulations to all classes for getting on the leaderboard this week! #Legacy

Notices 20/03/19

// Home learning journals should be in children's bags every day please.
// Please can you send any clear (can be coloured), plastic bottles into school for our upcoming art installations.

// Resources from SATs evening are all in 'Help At Home' section if you hover on the Year 6 option on website. Thank you to those that attended and we hope the resources are useful should you wish to use them. 


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Update for parents:

Last April 2018 Whatsapp age restriction was raised from 13 to 16. More information is available here: 

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 It is recommended that Year 6 children practise the Key Stage 2 key spellings. We highly recommend using the Spelling Shed app/website as the spellings are tailored to the children.

Please use Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars regularly and record usage in Home Learning Journals.

Children should be reading every night. The more, the better. 


Autumn 1: Homework grid

Autumn 2: Homework grid

Spring 1: Homework grid

Spring 2: Homework grid

Dare to be Different learning Quest booklet

Islands Learning Quest booklet

Wings Learning Quest booklet

Eureka! Learning Quest booklet

Maya Learning Quest booklet


 Welcome to Year 6 meeting July.

Kingswood meeting 10th Jan

Welcome to Year Six letter home

If you'd like to email us with anything, please do so:








Islands topic

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                                                    Kingswood Visit 2018      Previous updates

Quotes from the Brunswick Away Team

Sienna: "I'm loving Kingswood because I've conquered my fears by getting on high activities with my friends' support. I'm loving sharing a dorm with my friends too!"          Wilfie: 'I’m so glad I listened to my partner and went to the top of the 3G swing, the views were amazing and it was really fun!          Kalani: 'I loved the zip wire. I was disappointed I didn't do the 3g swing and the zip wire made me realise I had nothing to worry about.'          Kip: "My favourite thing was archery because it was something new that I have never done before."          Scarlet: 'I ignored the fact I felt scared and just went for it. I am so proud of myself. I want to challenge myself again because it's fun.'          Roel said: ”If it looks fun, I’m doing it!!”          Carter (to Theo): "You've inspired me to do the power fan!"          Mila: "My favourite activity was the 3G swing because I went on the highest level and I dropped down in shock!"          Yasmin: "Archery is hard, but it’s good because you get to shoot things!"          Ella (about Jacob's Ladder): "A great way to build up confidence and team work."          Winni: "[Jacobs ladder] is a challenge you need to get there! Once your fingers touch it you're determined to get on and climb up!"          Theo: "Mr Pannett, you'll never light the fluff we've tried so many times." Mr Pannett: *lit it first time*

Morning from the firelighters in the woodland at camp Kingswood!

Another chockablock day ahead of us: high equilibrium (a seesaw in the sky); learning to light fires in the woods; orienteering around the campus; archery by the lake and, of course, the teachers' favourite evening activity - the disco!!

Last night we had two options: scrapheap challenge - lots of creative children with cardboard and the film night for those who were needing a bit more rest! All enjoyed by all and everyone asleep by 11 after more hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Big high (and hyper from e-numbers) waves from all!

Year 6 Kingswood Campers

Today's Photographs

Rob Lloyd Jones visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Rob the author of our text for this Dare to be Different topic and what an inspiration he was! Be sure to be curious and do things which aren't normally your cup of tea to discover more of what's out there!

Kingswood at Grosvenor Hall

Year 6 E Safety

Knowing about E Safety is so important for Year 6 children that we've added this section about what's good and bad about the internet and ways you can get yourself out of bad situations. The website we've chosen even has fun games you can play while learning E Safety. Most importantly, there’s also a place which anyone can use to report if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online. Please click on the picture below to enter the website.