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Year 4


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Please ensure these are in school EVERY DAY! Encourage your child to read and comment in them daily and make use of the additional information provided to aid their learning.




Homework for this Half Term


Create a shelter!     Due 16th July 2018

We would like you to build a shelter, outdoors or in. Use your imagination and the ‘R’ of resourcefulness. Do this alone, with your family or friends and then take a photo of yourself in the shelter. Please e-mail this photo to school, so that you can talk us through your project.






Autumn Term 2017 - Swords and Sandals


Autumn Term 2 2017 - Ice Worlds


Spring Term 2018 -  Awesome Egyptians 


Summer Term - Rampaging Rivers


Summer Term 2 -














Sayers Croft - July 18th - 20th 2018   



Sayers Croft Kit List








Click here to go the the 

Soundmakers Ukulele Page

See the photographs from the 2016 Yr4 Leopard & Tiger Brunswick Ukulele Concerts


Year 4 E Safety

Knowing about E Safety is so important for Year 4 children that we've added this section about what's good and bad about the internet and ways you can get yourself out of bad situations. The website we've chosen even has fun games you can play while learning E Safety. Most importantly, there’s also a place which anyone can use to report if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online. Please click on the picture below to enter the website.